Providing the best quality services

Providing the best quality services

We are committed to providing the best quality services that we can, ensuring that they meet the needs of patients and their carers. We want to provide excellence in clinical care and outcomes, and deliver a good experience of care for our patients when using our services.

Our reporting structures ensure that we are meeting all required standards, while also continuing to make our services better every day by improving the way we do things, involving our staff and patients through our quality improvement work.

This helps us to deliver outstanding, quality care, every time:

  • Our operational plan will support our ambitions with improvement programmes that are designed to provide safe & effective care to consistently deliver the fundamentals of patient care and ensure that improvements we are make are sustained in the long term.
  • Our transformation projects aim to make the process and operational changes to improve the flow of patients along their care pathway, from arrival through to discharge, streamlined and effective.
  • Our quality and risk initiatives ensure we handle risk effectively across the organisation through systems and processes that are used and understood by our staff.
  • Our leadership and engagement programmes make sure that our current and future leaders are supported and developed to deliver high quality, compassionate care, and that we engage with our staff who know our services best.

At Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, our dedicated staff aim to do the best for patients each and every day, so that they understand our services better than anyone.

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